One of the focus areas of the Firm is Information Technology and Telecommunications. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to clients operating in the rapidly evolving fields of technology, telecommunications, and digital communications.

We assist clients in navigating complex regulatory frameworks governing technology sector including e-commerce, digital platforms and online marketplaces. Our lawyers stay abreast with the latest laws, regulations, and licensing requirements to ensure our clients’ operations are fully compliant. Our services include drafting and reviewing terms of service, privacy policies, compliance with data protection regulations, advise on incident response in case of a data breach, e-commerce agreements, and advising on consumer protection laws.

We also have reasonable experience in telecom law, representing clients in matters such as spectrum licensing, tower and infrastructure agreements, interconnection agreements, regulatory compliance, and telecommunications litigation. We have managed a wide range of technology-related transactions, including licensing agreements, software development and distribution agreements, joint ventures, and technology transfers.