Abhishek is an accomplished lawyer having about sixteen (16) years of experience. His strength lies in the fact that he is well-versed in both civil litigation/arbitration and white collar crimes. His in-depth understanding of the construction sector sets him apart and has made him one of the sought-after attorneys to handle litigation involving infrastructure arbitrations. With a deep understanding of the intricacies and complexities of construction disputes, he has successfully represented clients in numerous high-stakes arbitrations, earning a stellar reputation in the field. He has been working in various segments such as Surface Transport, Urban Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Marine, Hydro & Underground Etc.

He has extensive experience in dealing with intricate and complex commercial contracts, especially those pertaining to construction of roads & bridges, refineries, offshore platforms, railways, airports, pipelines, metro rail, tunnelling, marine & Jetty etc. He has also represented clients in commercial disputes relating to broadcasting services, passive infrastructure services, power purchase & transmission, real estate, software services, manufacturing, and supply, and more. Abhishek takes pride in being an arguing counsel and regularly represents his clients in courts and tribunals. His strong advocacy skills, coupled with his meticulous approach to legal representation, have earned him a reputation for delivering favorable outcomes for his clients.

Abhishek offers advisory services to clients, offering valuable insights and risk mitigation strategies. His industry knowledge and strategic expertise are highly regarded, and he is known for his ability to navigate complex legal matters with efficiency and precision. He is recommended for providing practical and result- oriented advice on matters related to bank guarantee invocation, tender, joint venture disputes, blacklisting, offloading & termination, imposition of penalty / liquidated damages etc.

His clients also engage him for legal matters related to company affairs, intellectual property, telecom, environment protection, consumer protection, white collar crime etc. Additionally, he offers his clients consulting services in areas such as contract management, litigation due diligence, conciliation, mediation, and negotiation.